Business Cards

Only business cards in the officially approved university format can be used. Business cards are to be designed by Creative Services and printed by Printing Services.

Business cards are available in one of three styles:

  • All black ink
  • Tennessee Tech's official purple (PMS 266) and black.
  • NOTE: Raised ink is no longer available

What can be put on the card?

New_RegularContact information is the only text to be placed on the business card. Contact information shall not exceed eight lines.

A user's name, title and office is required on all cards. For degrees or licensure, the preferred manner is to place the highest degree held after the name (e.g., Jane Smith, Ph.D.).

Directory information can include campus address and/or street address, office phone and fax numbers, email address, web site URL (websites must be housed on university servers and start with "", but may be personal, such as faculty pages), and home telephone and fax numbers.

Business cards in other designs or containing graphic devices other than the official logo and wordmark, or text other than specified above, are not authorized.

Please note that graduate assistants and student workers are not eligible for business cards.

Athletics Business Cards

A separate business card has been designed for TTU Athletics. Use of this business card by any unit other than TTU Athletics is prohibited.

Tennessee Tech Logos

The TTU logos are federally registered and licensed trademarks. Any unauthorized use of a TTU logo or wordmark is a violation of federal and state trademark laws and university policy. Prior approval is required for any use of a TTU logo on printed publication for non-academic use and on any other materials, including promotional items. For more information on appropriate uses of TTU logos, see Logo Usage Policy.

How much do the cards cost?

There is a $20 set-up fee from Creative Services. Printing costs can be found at the Printing Services website.

What do I do to request cards?

We just need an e-mail with the following information:

  • The text that will go on the card
  • The FOAPAL information for the account (Account Name, COAS, Index, Fund, Org, Program, and Activity) that will be used to pay for the set-up fee and the printing costs
  • The quantity of cards you want
  • The kind of ink (black only, flat purple and black)

Once we have the card set, we send a proof to the faculty member (or a departmental representative) by email. We do not send the file for the card to Printing Services until we have approval.

You can e-mail the information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or Lorie Worley at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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