Official Colors

Authorized academic colors are TTU purple (PMS 266) and TTU Yellow (PMS 109). These are the only appropriate colors for two-color reproduction of the wordmark and interlocking TTU.

The wordmark and interlocking TTU may be printed in a single color, including purple, yellow or black. The images also may be reversed from a dark color.

When considering the use of anything other than a single color or the official colors, contact Creative Services. Coordination through this office will ensure a consistent image.

Use the following screen builds when reproducing the marks in four-color.

CMYK for Print (For printing press)

PMS 266 Purple = 79C, 90M, 0Y, 0K

PMS 109 Yellow = 0C, 10M, 100Y, 0K

RGB for Print (Laser Printer)

PMS 266 Purple = 90R, 64G, 153B

PMS 109 Yellow = 255R, 221G, 0B

RGB for Web

TTU Purple = Hexadecimal 660099 - (102R, 0G, 153B)

TTU Gold = Hexadecimal FFCC00 - (255R, 204G, 0B)