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The Tennessee Tech University Seal

TTU-sealThe formal identifier of Tennessee Technological University has evolved over the years as the university’s name has changed. Originally founded as Tennessee Polytechnic Institute in 1915, the institution gained university status in 1965, becoming Tennessee Technological University.

Use of the university seal is restricted to official university documents (such as diplomas, certificates, awards and commencement programs) and presidential documents (such as event invitations or programs). The seal may not be altered in any way or used in any trivializing manner.

Any use of the seal requires approval by both the Office of the President and the Office of Communications & Marketing.

Tennessee Polytechnic Institute (TPI) SealTPI-seal

The seal of Tennessee Polytechnic Institute (left) may be used by Alumni Relations in promoting events to alumni from pre-1965.



TTU-old-sealInitial Tennessee tech University Seal (DO NOT USE)

The TPI seal was modified to read “Tennessee Technological University” on the outer rim upon the university’s name change. This modified seal is not the current official seal of the university and should not be used on any materials.


Athletic Marks

AtheticsTennessee Tech University Athletics, a member of the Ohio Valley Conference in all intercollegiate sports, has its own identification system.

Use of this system is restricted. Academic or administrative units may not use the Athletics system for official materials including, but not limited to, stationery, student recruiting materials or informational brochures.

Any other use requires written approval of both the Director of Athletics and the Office of Communications & Marketing.

Affiliate Marks

These marks were designed for affiliated organizations. All affiliated marks are restricted to the organization’s use and cannot be used by other departments without written approval by the organization.

TTU Foundation 2011





University Flag

flagThe graphic design and art comprising the university flag is used only in flag form, including large flags for outdoor, indoor and ceremonial use, and smaller flags for display purposes in places such as offices, businesses and homes. The flag design has one variation: a vertical format appropriate for banners. The same show of respect shown to the U.S. and Tennessee flags should be extended to the university flag, including 24-hour display only if properly illuminated at night.


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