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Design and Layout Services

The graphic designers, along with the Creative Services director, in the Office of Communications & Marketing are available to design and/or layout and write publications for Tennessee Tech units. The graphic designers and director may suggest ways in which time and money can be saved in the production of publications, but early consultation is necessary in order to take advantage of such savings.

Creative Services will produce a design that satisfies both the originator of the publication and the Office of Communications & Marketing, but mechanical limitations of the printing process, appropriateness of time and cost, consideration of the publication's audience, and consistency with professional design standards and university graphic standards will have a bearing on the final design.

All copy submitted for use in a publication will be read and checked for accuracy in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Changes may be made to clarify, reduce repetition, avoid ambiguity, correct factual errors or smooth out rough passages. Questions about the content or suggestions for major textual revisions will be directed to the author. The Office of Communications & Marketing may provide assistance with the initial copy preparation, although originators of publications are generally responsible for producing complete, accurate and grammatically correct copy. Final copy must have the approval of both the originator and Communications & Marketing.


Creative Services is a fee-for-service operation. For small projects, the following price list can be used (we will provide you an estimate for our services for larger projects).

Design/Editorial Price Description
Stationery $20 Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, note and memo pads
Flier (1-sided) $40 8.5x11" or 8.5x14"
Flier (2-sided) $60 8.5x11" or 8.5x14"
Postcard $40
Poster $30 11x17" or smaller
Poster $60 Large-format
Trifold Brochure $90 3.667x8.5" Once folded; often called a "standard brochure"
Graphic Development $50 Creating graphics for use in printed or web materials
Other (such as large printed publications, interactive Flash animations and web work)
Estimate Given based on complexity of project
Non-Official TTU Projects $60/hr Any design work for projects that are not from official TTU entities
Editing $20 Edit existing material (such as provided first draft, web sites, brochures) as basis of new material.  No new research or interviews.
Writing $30/hr Create new material based on needed research and any necessary interviews
Publication Review $0 There is no charge for the required publication review
Rush Charge Rush work will be accepted whenever possible.  If accepted, all projects requiring less than a one-week turnaround may be billed at 100% above the listed cost; minimum rush charge is $100

Other Charges

If your project is being printed, you will also incur a charge from the printer. For most projects coordinated by our office, we request estimates from multiple printers. For larger projects that will incur printing costs $5,000 or higher, we work with Purchasing to secure proper competitive bids based on the specifications for your project.

If your project requires photographs not already in our inventory, we can arrange photo sessions with Photographic Services and art direct the photography. There is a separate charge to cover the costs of photographs. You will be billed by Photo Services directly. The cost to purchase the right to use stock photography in your project will be billed by Creative Services at the same time as your design and editorial costs. Occassionally we will use stock photography if materials are not available in our inventory. The cost of the stock photography ($10-$20 per image) will be added to your charge from Creative Services. You will see low-resolution versions of the stock images prior to the purchase of the rights to use the images.

If your project requires travel (for example, for photography or a press check in another city), there will be a charge to cover expenses. There are occasionally other small expenses covered by the client, including sending proofs via overnight couriers.

How many proofs do I get for my initial charge?

As part of our services, Creative Services will provide up to two sets of revisions to the original design proof of your project (so you will receive a total of three proofs). Requests for changes after the third proof may result in additional charges.

Will I still need to pay if I don't use the design work?

Our goal is to always create materials that help to reach your goals. But occasionally a project is ended by the client without being produced. If a project needs to be cancelled for any reason, the Creative Services charge will still be billed to your department if any work has been completed on the project.

Do I need to prepare an IDT for the Creative Services charge?

Yes. As of summer 2010, Creative Services sends an invoice for any services. Once a client receives the invoice, the client must prepare a set of IDTs for the charge and return a copyof the invoice, plus IDTs, to the Office of Communications & Marketing. Do not send the IDTs and the invoice directly to the Business Office.

You will receive the invoice for your project upon delivery of the third proof, or approval, whichever comes first.

Please note, you will also need to prepare an IDT for printing costs if your project is being printed at Printing Services on campus (which most jobs are). This IDT for Printing Services must be given to them when you pick up your printed materials.

If your project is being printed off campus, we will obtain the required Permission to Print Off Campus from from Printing Services. The form, along with the invoice from the printing vendor, are needed for the Business office to process payment to the vendor.

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