Only stationery in the officially approved university format can be used. Stationery is to be designed by Creative Services and printed by Printing Services.


New_LHDirectory information appears immediately underneath the Tennessee Tech logo and wordmark and shall not exceed five lines.

The campus unit's name, campus mailing address, and telephone and fax numbers are required on all university letterhead.

Office street addresses, building locations, Internet usernames and World Wide Web URLs are optional. (Only department or unit email usernames are permitted on letterhead; no individual accounts are permitted. Only official department or unit URLs are permitted; no personal sites are permitted.)

A listing of an academic unit’s specific programs, limited to two lines, is optional.

Inter-office memoranda stationery is for internal and informal correspondence. The overall size of memoranda stationery shall be one-half or one-fourth that of regular letterhead and shall follow the same design format as regular stationery.

Individuals' names may not be printed on stationery, except on inter-office memoranda stationery.

Note cards or other stationery items must be approved by the Office of Communications & Marketing.


New_Envelope2Stationery envelopes in various sizes are printed with the official university logo and wordmark, campus unit's name and address in black ink.




Electronic version of letterhead

You may request a Word document version of letterhead, with the correctly designed header and footer information, only from Creative Services as you would any physical letterhead (standard stationery design charge applies). Be aware that any physical letterhead must be printed by the university’s Printing Services. The Word version is for electronic use only (such as email) and shall not be used to print letterhead on office printers.

Athletics Stationery

A separate stationery system has been designed for TTU Athletics. Any use of this stationery system by any unit other than TTU Athletics is prohibited.

Tennessee Tech Logos

The TTU logos are federally registered and licensed trademarks. Any unauthorized use of a TTU logo or wordmark is a violation of federal and state trademark laws and university policy. Prior approval is required for any use of a TTU logo on printed publication for non-academic use and on any other materials, including promotional items.

How much does stationery cost?

There is a $20 lay-out fee from Creative Services. Stationery printing costs can be found at the Printing Services website.

What do I do to order stationery?

We just need an e-mail with the following information:

Once we have the stationery item set, we send a proof for approval by e-mail. We do not send the file for the stationery to Printing Services until we have approval.

You can e-mail the information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or Lorie Worley at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .