Visual Style

Click here to download the PDF version of the TTU Visual Standards Guidelines.

Approved University Color


Purple and yellow have been indentified with Tennessee Tech University since its founding. They were selected because two wildflowers, ironweed and goldenrod, grew in abundance on campus in its early years. For many of our audiences, these colors are the most identifiable components of the identity program because both the university and Athletics visual identity systems share this color palette.

Purple is a stronger color than yellow. As such, yellow should be used as an accent color and not the dominant color in a design. When using color for text, make sure legibility is not sacrificed, especially with yellow on a white or other light background.

Complimentary Colors

There are no restrictions on colors as long as they are complementary and subordinate to purple and yellow. Unless you are producing one-color materials, purple should appear in your design at some point in your materials.

Based on other schools’ colors, it is strongly advised that designers stay away from using orange as a stand-alone color and black and yellow as a combination.



At this time, there are no set typefaces for all university materials, except for set visual themes. However, the choice of typeface helps set the tone of the materials. When selecting a typeface, legibility should always be of utmost concern. For example, brush scripts that attempt to mimic cursive handwriting can be difficult to read. Always consider if the look of a typeface is a good representation of the university. For example, is Comic Sans a good choice for university materials as it conveys childishness and unprofessionalism?

Suggested Typeface Combination

The following typeface combination contains sans serif, serif and headline typefaces that are common on both Windows and Apple computers.