Safety Committee

Mission: to assess the safety of females at TTU with an emphasis on lighting and phone access; to foster a climate free from any sexual, psychological, or emotional harassment.


  • Dr. Amy Chambers
  • Dr. Colleen Hays
  • Ms. Lisa Rice
  • Dr. Rita Barnes
  • Dr. Deborah Setliff

University Policy Committee

Mission: to evaluate federal, state, and local policies and determine their impact on the status of women at TTU.


  • Dr. Jennifer Anderson
  • Dr. Julia Baker
  • Ms. Lydia Brown
  • Dr. Paula Hinton
  • Ms.. Sharon Holderman
  • Dr. Tonya Riddlesworth
  • Dr. Lanise Rosemond

Programming and Publicity

Mission:to raise awareness of campus events that promote women's issues, educational opportunities, and the diversity of women and men.


  • Ms. Jeannie Smith
  • Ms. Susan Henry
  • Ms. Diana Lalani
  • Ms. Savannah Cassidy
  • Dr. Gretta Stanger

Executive Committee


  • Dr. Rita Barnes
  • Ms. Lisa Rice
  • Dr. Julia Baker
  • Ms. Savannah Cassidy
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