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Transition from High School to College

Additional Transition Resources

Financial Aid Resources


Faculty / Staff Training


Additional Faculty Resources and Readings

An Informational Web Links and Resource Guide For Teaching English to Students Who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing

We hope you will find this compilation list of resources helpful. If you have trouble with any links or if you have questions please contact Chester Goad, Disability Services, Ext. 4209.

Also available in PDF form by clicking here: (I’ll send it in PDF Form)

The University of Tennessee recently received a grant which will allow them to maintain and provide online information through the links listed below.

RIT: National Institute for the Deaf

P3 Preparing Post Secondary Professionals
This site includes online training for teaching reading and writing to the deaf.

Mini Grammar Lesson
Gain a better understanding of how ASL (American Sign Language) interpreters interpret your lecture in this sample grammar lesson. Read the English version and the ASL version of a lesson on Pearl Harbor.

Bibliography of Print Sources for Teaching English to Deaf Students

Bibliography Courtesy of Gallaudet University