This page will help you answer some of the more common questions regarding the Electrical and Computer Engineering programs at Tech. If you don't find what you need here, look at some of the other pages on the ECE site or feel free to contact the ECE department for more information.

Why should I consider Tennessee Tech?

What do I do to enroll in the ECE program?

Apply to Tennessee Tech.

This may be the easiest step of them all, but it is the only way to get things moving. Complete a Tennessee Tech admissions application and return it as soon as possible. An application can be picked up on campus from the Office of Admissions located in Derryberry Hall (Directions). Or, you may apply online. The Tennessee Tech Office of Undergraduate Admissions web page has many resources that can answer almost any question. This is definitely a place to look for answers to your admissions questions.

How do I get into the ECE program?

Tennessee Tech is happy to accept transfer students. Tech's engineering curricula are designed so that the needs of students who choose to initially attend another university may be met. Every transfer student is different. To begin, you shoulc contact the ECE Department Transfer Student Advisor, Dr. Charles L. Carnal, as soon as possible. Ideally, you should call before you begin taking courses at another institution. He can give informal advice about which courses might or might not count toward an EE or CmpE degree at Tennessee Tech. When you apply for admission, an official analysis of your transfer credit will be performed, and you will be notified of transfer credits awarded. More details can be found at the ECE Transfer Student Web Page.