Graduate Admission

Study in the ECE graduate program requires application to and admission granted by the TTU Office of Graduate Studies. Application for admission should be made at least six months prior to the anticipated date of entrance. Applicants interested in receiving research and/or teaching assistantship financial aid must submit an ECE Assistantship application by March 15th for August (Fall) entrance or by October 15th for January (Spring) entrance. Applicants will be notified of an assistantship offer, and must accept or decline the offer by May 1st for August entrance or December 1st for January entrance. Applications are not reviewed by TTU until a complete application package has been submitted.

See the Graduate School General Admission Requirements and How to Apply web pages for complete instructions. International applicants should also see the International Students General Admission Requirements and International Students How to Apply pages. A complete application package consists of:

Additional requirements for International Students See this page for details.

All application materials are sent to the TTU Office of Graduate Studies, NOT to the ECE Department. When the application package is complete, all items are scanned and then forwarded electronically to the ECE Graduate Program Committee for evaluation. Following evaluation, the committee's recommendation is forwarded to the Department Chair, then to the COE Assoc. Dean of Graduate Studies, and finally to the Vice President of Graduate Studies, who makes the final decision on admission. Graduate Studies then notifies the applicant of the admission decision. A student may be 1)Denied, 2)Admitted with Provisional Standing, 3)Admitted with Full Standing, or 4)Admitted with Special Standing as Non-Degree-Seeking. If admitted in Provisional Standing, the student must meet certain specified performance criteria (i.e. achieving a GPA of at least 3.5 during the first semester at TTU) as stated in the Admission letter, prior to enrollment in a second semester. If admitted in Special Standing, no more than nine hours of credit may be counted toward a degree.

ECE Graduate Admission Criteria The criteria to be met by an applicant for Full admission to the ECE Graduate program are:

These admission standards are appropriate to the degree level and comparable to our peer institutions. These admission standards are stated clearly on the ECE and TTU Graduate Studies Web pages and in the on-line Graduate Catalog, for all applicants to read. An applicant who does not meet all of these criteria may be admitted on a Provisional (conditional) basis as determined by the ECE Graduate Program Committee. The Graduate Committee examines the overall undergraduate record of the applicant (GPA), performance in Math and Science courses, performance in the major area, GRE scores, TOEFL scores, letters of recommendation, undergraduate research experience, and any other evidence the applicant may have provided. Based on this examination, the committee determines the applicant's capabilities, motivation, and potential for success in the graduate program, and arrives at an admission recommendation. If an applicant shows weakness in any of the above areas, but shows high motivation and reasonable chance for success, Provisional admission is recommended. In the case of Provisional admission, conditions for reclassification to Full standing are specified in the letter of admission. These conditions are typically one or more of the following: i) attainment of 3.5 GPA in the first semester of graduate study at TTU, ii) satisfactory GRE scores, and iii) successful completion of specific undergraduate ECE “bridging” courses for a non-ECE entering student. If the student meets the specified conditions during the first two semesters, the VP of Graduate Studies reclassifies the student to Full standing. Otherwise, the student is dismissed from the graduate program. Applicants not having BS degrees in electrical, computer, or similarly named engineering programs, but otherwise qualifying for admission, are admitted on a Provisional basis. They are reclassified to Full standing after they complete a set of ECE undergraduate “bridging” courses specified by their committee. All international students must take an English language test, usually just prior to enrollment. If the student scores below a certain criterion, he/she is required to take ESL 1010 and 1020.

For more information, please check TTU admission requirements for graduate students.