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The following table shows a list of ECE graduate courses along with the tentative schedule; undergraduate courses are listed elsewhere. This course offering plan is made available to students so that they can adequately plan ahead for their Programs of Study, but no guarantee that a course will be offered in a given semester will be made. Courses experiencing low enrollment may be canceled.

Catalog descriptions of ECE graduate courses are in the Graduate Catalog. Current course schedules are available on the Records and Registration Catalogs and Schedules web page. Course change history and proposed changes are on other web pages.

Table of ECE Graduate Courses with Tentative Schedule
(Key: Y=course scheduled)
CourseTitleF 09S 10F 10S 11F 11S 12F 12S 13F 13S 14F 14
ECE 1xxx
ECE 4xxx
The 1000- through 4000-level courses are listed on the undergraduate courses page.
ECE 5xxx Dually numbered graduate courses are listed as the corresponding 4000-level course on the undergraduate courses page.
ECE 6040 Signal Analysis Y       Y            
ECE 6070 Digital Image Processing                      
ECE 6110 Microprocessor Systems           Y         Y
ECE 6120 Digital Design Using Hardware Description Languages   Y                  
ECE 6130 Computer Architecture Y             Y   Y  
ECE 6140 Parallel Processing Systems                      
ECE 6150 Digital VLSI Design               Y   Y  
ECE 6160 Advanced Computer Networks       Y              
ECE 6170 High Performance Embedded Systems Design Y   Y   Y   Y       Y
ECE 6200 Linear Systems Analysis Y   Y   Y   Y   Y   Y
ECE 6230 Linear Multivariable System Design                      
ECE 6240 Robot Control Theory                      
ECE 6250 Random Signals and Systems   Y             Y    
ECE 6260 State Estimation and System Identification                      
ECE 6280 Nonlinear Automatic Control     Y         Y   Y  
ECE 6310 Integrated Circuit Design                      
ECE 6510 Electromagnetic Field Theory I   Y   Y   Y       Y  
ECE 6530 Quantum Engineering Theory I                      
ECE 6580 Instrumentation and Transducer Technology   Y         Y   Y   Y
ECE 6600 Computer Methods of Power System Analysis Y   Y   Y   Y   Y   Y
ECE 6620 Advanced Electric Machinery   Y   Y   Y     Y    
ECE 6630 Power System Protection Against Fault Currents                      
ECE 6640 Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation Y           Y        
ECE 6650 Design and Control of Power Electronics Systems Y       Y     Y   Y  
ECE 6670 Power Flow Control in Modern Power Systems   Y   Y   Y   Y   Y  
ECE 6710 Communication Systems Theory     Y                
ECE 6730 Information Theory and Reliable Communication                      
ECE 6750 Wireless Communication Systems   Y   Y           Y  
ECE 6900 Special Problems in Electrical Engineering on demand (see below)
ECE 6910 Introduction to Graduate Research Y   Y   Y   Y   Y   Y
ECE 6970 Non-Thesis Design Project on demand
ECE 6980 Directed Study on demand
ECE 6990 Research and Thesis Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y  Y
ECE 7110 Advanced Digital Design                    
ECE 7130 Advanced Computer Architecture                      
ECE 7170 Advanced Embedded Systems       Y       Y   Y  
ECE 7270 Adaptive Control                      
ECE 7280 Digital Control                      
ECE 7290 Stochastic Optimal Control                      
ECE 7510 Plasma Engineering I                      
ECE 7530 Quantum Electronics I                      
ECE 7600 Power System Control   Y             Y    
ECE 7620 Adjustable Speed Drives     Y       Y        
ECE 7630 High-Voltage Techniques                      
ECE 7640 Distributed Energy Systems   Y     Y         Y  
ECE 7650 Design and Finite Element Analysis of Electric Machines                     Y
ECE 7660 Electrical Power Distribution Systems     Y                
ECE 7750 Advanced Wireless Systems Y                   Y
ECE 7970 Selected Topics on demand (see below)
ECE 7980 Directed Study on demand
ECE 7990 Research and Dissertation Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y  Y
Key: Y = course scheduled


Recent ECE 6900 and ECE 7970 course offerings: