Frequently Asked Questions

Advising Center: College of Education
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a teacher if I do not yet have a bachelor degree?

I already have a bachelor degree, but I am not licensed to teach. How do I become a teacher?

I am already licensed to teach. How do I add an endorsement in another subject and/or grade level?

Who is my advisor?

What is the 2 + 2 Program?

How am I advised as a transfer student?

How do I get my Alternate Pin?

I lost my Alternate Pin; how do I find it?

  1. Login to Eagle Online.

  2. Click on the “Student” tab or menu.

  3. Click on “Registration.”

  4. Click on “Select Term” and choose the correct semester.

  5. Click on “View Banner ID (T#), Registration Times, Advisor, Post Office Box/Combination, Confirmation Information.” and you should find your Alternate Pin there.

How do I enter the Teacher Education Program?

Where can I find information about the Praxis Core and Praxis II tests?

How do I enter Residency I?

How do I enter Residency II?

How and when do I apply for graduation?

How and when do I sign up for the College Base (Senior Exit) Exam?

How do I add or drop a course once a semester begins?