How many times can I take an EDP course?

Educators Development Courses may be taken repeatedly, depending upon the needs of the teacher and space availability.The courses can be taken up to three times or combined with other appropriate one-hour graduate courses to be used as elective credit in some advanced degree programs, such as Instructional Leadership.

Can I take an EDP course if I do not have a graduate degree?

Educators who do not hold graduate degrees are also invited to take the Educators Development Courses and may enroll in sections designated for undergraduates.

Can I take an EDP course online?

Teachers have the option of taking the Educators Development Courses on-site or online, although it's recommended that first-time participants enroll in an on-site section.Classes include approximately four face-to-face meetings between August and November, with some coursework being conducted online.

If I sign up for an EDP course and decide not to take it what do I need to do?

Participants wishing to drop an EDP course must notify their advisor by e-mail.

If enrolled in only the EDP course, student must request an official withdrawal from the Office of Student Affairs at (931)372-3411.