Exceptional Learning Ph.D. Program Description

Exceptional Learning Ph.D.
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Concentration Includes 23/24 Semester Hours

There are four concentrations (including two strands in Applied Behavior Analysis) in the Ph.D. program. The five options and respective coursework are shown below:

NOTE: Although the major is in Education, having a concentration allows the student to study in a specialized area within the context of the major. At least twenty-four/twenty-five hours must be taken in the concentration, but some students will take more hours than prescribed below.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Young Children and Families

ABAS (School Aged and Adult Strand)



Program Planning & Evaluation

STEM Education


Major Field/Core
Includes 19/20 Semester Hours (13 Prescribed Hours / 6-7 Hours Guided Electives)

The purpose of the core is to provide an interdisciplinary framework for the Ph.D. program. Prescribed core coursework is shown below:


Guided electives may be selected from the list below in addition to courses in the core and research components in consultation with your advisor.

Research Includes 21 Semester Hours Minimum

The research area includes basic preparation in research methodology and design, including both quantitative and qualitative research.

Before beginning their doctoral dissertation...

Research coursework is shown below:


Dissertation Coursework Includes 15 Semester Hours Minimum

*Courses limited to students admitted to the Doctoral Program

**The overriding goal of EDU 7920, Research Seminar in Education, is for students to develop their dissertation research proposals and present those proposals to their committees for approval.