2+2 Program FAQs

2 + 2 FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 
College of Education's 2+2 Program

Q: What does the "2 + 2 program" mean?

Q: How can I participate in the 2 + 2 program?

Q: Are classes offered online in the 2+2 program?

      All courses offered through Tech for the 2+2 require in class participation. 

Q: What are the requirements for the Teacher Education Program (Upper Division)?

Q: What do I do if I do not meet Praxis I requirements?

  1. If a student fails to receive the minimum score of 173 Math, 174 Reading, and 173 Writing on the first testing, 10 hours of tutoring per subject area not passed is required through approved tutorial support services for remediation purposes. Students will be required to re-test and show improvement through documentation, which will be stated in a form from the person providing tutorial services. For 2+2 students, the first Praxis attempt should be no later than January of the year they plan to enter the TTU portion of the program.
  2. If a student fails to make required score(s) on the second attempt, the following guidelines apply for the student to be eligible to appeal the testing requirements:
      • 2.500 cumulative QPA within one point of passing
      • 2.750 cumulative QPA within two points of passing
      • 3.000 cumulative QPA within three points of passing
    • All other requirements for Admission to Teacher Ed Program have been met.
    • Two of the three sections of the PPST have been successfully completed. The third section of the PPST for a person within the following range(s) to be eligible for the waiver:
    • A formal written request for the waiver must be submitted by the student. Letters of support from the student's advisor must accompany the student's request. In addition, documentation and evidence outlining the student's progress attained during the tutoring sessions must be provided by the person or unit providing the required tutorial support.
    • A decision will be made by the PPST Waiver Sub-Committee (or their designee). If extenuating circumstances exist, a student may request a personal appearance before the Sub-committee.
    • The decision of the Sub-Committee is final.