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About the College of Education

The College of Education at Tennessee Tech University offers a broad range of programs of study, cutting-edge teacher education, and nationally accredited degrees.

Our college is home to five (5) diverse departments providing a wide spectrum of degree concentrations and sub-concentrations from bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. studies. The majority of our degrees and programs offer a teacher licensure component/option.

The Departments

Art | Bachelor of Fine Arts DegreeCOE ACC_Hirche_bowls

  • The Art Department offers a superior education in fine art and American craft studies, exemplary arts programming, and essential educational outreach. Outstanding faculty offer specialized programs in art education, clay, digital media, fibers, glass, metals, painting, and wood. Exhibitions, workshops and events happen year round.

Counseling & Psychology | Bachelor of Science Program | Master of Arts & Education Specialist Programs

  • Have you ever wondered how the mind works or why people act the way they do? Do you have a desire to help people solve problems? If questions like these interest you, the Counseling and Psychology Department has the right program to lead you to successful and gratifying

Curriculum & Instruction | Bachelor of Science Program | Master of Arts & Education Specialist Programs | Ph.D Studies

  • The love of learning and guiding others to their full potential is a common thread among our students, from undergraduate to Ph.D. students. We offer an extraordinary selection of valuable programs for future and current educators and admisistrators. Our programs are nationally accredited and serve as a testing ground for new ideas, techniques and technologies in education.

Exercise Science, Physical Education & Wellness | Bachelor of Science Program | Master of Arts Program

  • Our mission promotes enhanced quality of life through participation in physical activity, exercise and sports for the people of Tennessee and beyond. Our programs are designed to cater to students who are interested in a variety of professional fields ranging from allied health, physical education, coaching, and sports administration and management.

Music | Bachelor of Music ProgramCOE MD_wind_ensemble

  • The department offers several options to fit the needs and interests of music students, both instrumental and vocal, with concentrations in Music Education (with K-12 Licensure) or Music Performance in several concentrations. Students, the TTU community, and beyond have the opportunity to see and hear fine music performances in the Bryan Fine Arts Building regularly.

College of Education Participates in the TBR Ready2Teach Program
About the Ready2Teach Program | Visit



  • Ready2Teach is a clinically-rich undergraduate teacher preparation residency program that emphasizes problem-based learning, co-teaching, mutually beneficial partnerships with schools, intensive mentoring, strong content knowledge and performance-based assessment.

Primary Goals

  • Prepare teacher candidates so that they have a positive impact on student performance form the first time they enter the classroom.
  • Work collaboratively with schools to improve outcomes for students, schools, and communities.
R2T 12_graphic

Tk20 Data Management System



To improve our processes, manage candidate transition points, and track key assessments in program coursework, TTU’s College of Education utilizes Tk20, a comprehensive data and reporting system.

  • All College of Ed students are required to purchase and maintain a Tk20 account.
  • The one-time cost is $133.33 at the campus bookstore or $103 if purchased through Tk20.
  • Financial aid will pay for the account if purchased through the bookstore.
  • Your account is active for seven (7) years.
  • You will access Tk20 for a variety of tasks, including coursework, advisement, clinical experiences, Residency, portfolio-building edTPA tasks, and key program assessments.

All professional education courses will include assessments within Tk20.

  • Check your syllabi and consult your instructors for assessments that must be submitted to Tk20.
  • Failure to purchase Tk20 can result in a “0” for Tk20 assignments and/or final course grade reduced a full letter.

Questions & Assistance

Learning Resource Center (LRC)
Bartoo Hall 204
Phone: 931-372-3856
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