What is Economics, Finance and Marketing?

What is Economics?

The economics program is a popular undergraduate major for those interested in attending graduate or law school. The most important qualities necessary to succeed in the program are the abilities to think logically and to adapt to a changing environment. Most organizations with global activities prefer applicants with one foreign language proficiency.


What is Finance?

The curriculum in Finance offers a program that will assure sound preparation for those who expect to pursue professional careers in finance, as well as in other businesses. The program is designed to provide a solid understanding of the financial decision-making process with special emphasis on computer-assisted decision making.


What is Marketing?

Almost a third of the U.S. work force is employed in a field related to marketing. College graduates combining a marketing specialty with broadly developed management skills find particularly strong career opportunities available.

Marketing majors receive a strong general education that includes accounting, economics, corporate finance, production management, business communications, and management information systems.

You can also receive more specialized instruction in areas like advertising management, marketing research, customer service, price analysis, product management, sales and sales management, and retail management.

Marketing personnel require excellent interpersonal skills, computer skills, and a creative and innovative spirit.

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