Honor Association of Exceptional Learning (HAEL)

Honor Association of Exceptional Learning (HAEL)
Exceptional Learning Ph.D. Program

About HAEL

The purpose of the Honor Association of Exceptional Learning Ph.D. students is to create a base of support for students with an interest in working with at-risk children and families.

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  • All ELPHD students will have an opportunity to discuss and share ideas, nurture professional, academic, and social development in the various concentrations, and to support the department, faculty, staff, and college in maintaining the program for continuous growth.
  • Membership to the Association is by application, with the requirement that members be and remain good academic standing. 
  • Membership dues are $30 per academic year.ELPHD photo7_wb

Upcoming HAEL Meetings

  • Tuesday, February 4, 2014, at 11am in T.J. Farr Building, Room 105

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Morgan Chitiyo, Ph.D. Exceptional Learning @ Tennessee Tech
Director of Special Education Program at Duquesne University

Morgan Chitiyo, Ph.DMorgan Chitiyo

Now at Duquesne University, ELPHD alumnus Morgan Chitiyo, was awarded the 2014 School of Education Award for Excellence in Scholarship. He is currently the Director of the Special Education Program at Duquesne and also the Editor of the Journal of the International Association of Special Education. Congratulations Dr. Chitiyo!

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