Background Check Information

Most affiliated clinical sites require criminal background checks. As of June 27, 2006 this became a requirement by the State of Tennessee Division of EMS. Therefore, all students enrolled in any level of EMS program, must have a criminal background check. Based on the results of these checks, an affiliate clinical site may not allow participation by the student at that facility. This could result in the inability of the student to complete the requirements for the EMT or paramedic program. Additionally, a criminal background may hinder the ability to obtain a license from the State of Tennessee Division of EMS.

The State of Tennessee requires a fingerprint type background check prior to issuing a license. Since the approved company is different than the companies approved by the clinical sites, most students will have to get another background check at the end of the course.

If any student candidate anticipates a problem with the background check it would be advisable to talk with This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (EMS Program Coordinator) before enrolling in any program. If a problem arises which may affect completion after the student has enrolled it will be too late to receive a refund of the tuition.