College of Engineering Entry Level Recommendations for Primary Portable Computing Devices

The College of Engineering at Tennessee technological University is transitioning to a mobile device requirement for engineering students for the fall of 2014. Departments within the College of Engineering are increasingly integrating the use of portable devices in their daily activities, even further now with the MoLE-SI (Mobile Learning Environment and Systems Infrastructure) facilities and the integration of many activities that use this infrastructure for the development of the Renaissance Engineering Model, as part of the College of Engineering Strategic Plan.

Currently the college provides a recommendation for an entry level (primary) portable computing device as a mean to access MoLE-SI, as well as other type of computational facility or service. Note that secondary computing devices like tablets can be used, however they are not considered primary computing devices.

The entry level recommendation for the primary computing device can be found here: Specifications

For more information about MoLE-SI and the College of Engineering Strategic Plan please use the links below:

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