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 2020 Destination → Eminence 

The Tennessee Tech University College of Engineering Strategic Plan sets our course to 2020 through the articulation of our vision, core values, and goals. The faculty, staff, students, administration and alumni, in collaboration with industry and government leaders, developed a shared plan which includes the pathway forward to “2020 Destination → Eminence.”  Our vision is ambitious and exciting. Our core values ASPIRE to greatness will guide us towards our goal in making the strategic plan a reality each day. It will take a collaborative effort of our leadership team, outstanding faculty, incredible staff, talented students, our dedicated alumni AND stakeholders like you.  Join us in our journey toward revolutionizing engineering education at Tennessee Tech University.



21st Century Renaissance Engineers

Revolutionizing Engineering

to Solve Societal Problems



To graduate innovative engineers

who solve technological challenges

to meet societal needs.



  The college core values underscore and support its vision and mission through its

commitment to ASPIRE to greatness.


            AIM HIGH

            We aim for the highest levels of excellence in teaching and scholarship.

            STUDENTS FIRST

            We place the interest of the students first.


            We foster high standards of integrity and professionalism.


            We strive continuously for innovations through research to attain excellence in everything we do.


            We recognize efforts that accelerate us towards our vision. 


            We drive towards attaining eminence in engineering education and research.




FOCUS AREA 1: Technical Leadership

Goal One. Our engineering students learn to solve technological problems that are of societal significance.

         Goal Two. Our College engages in research and innovation as the vehicle to support the teacher-scholar/student-scholar model.


         FOCUS AREA 2: Professional Leadership

         Goal Three. Our talented faculty and staff provide the scholarly direction for engineering excellence, and our motivated students achieve proven successful results in the workplace.

 Goal Four. The College is nationally recognized for its leadership in education, research and innovation.


         FOCUS AREA 3: Global Leadership

         Goal Five. The College of Engineering achieves global leadership through key partnerships.



 Strategic Planning Documents

Who are 21st Century Renaissance Engineers?

TTU College of Engineering Strategic Plan

Comparative and Aspirational Peers

Strategic Planning Implementation Grants

-Request For Proposal (RFP)



Strategic Research Areas


Advanced Manufacturing

Energy Storage & Conversion

Nanoparticles & Proteomics in the Environment

Networking & Sensing

Resilient Infrastructure

Smart Grid


















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