Chemical Engineering Professor Stretz leads historic first career coaching for women in engineering:

The first SAMPE (Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering) women’s career coaching panel was headed by Dr. Holly Stretz, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering on October 24, 2012 in Charleston, South Carolina at the national technical meeting.  The event was organized to help in service women engineers network to solve career-impacting issues that they may experience differently than their male counterparts.  For example, research shows that women engineers sometimes fail to retain in their field due to social isolation, differences in communication styles and overly critical self-evaluation.  In addition, once in the field differences in childcare expectations can contribute to poor retention beyond five years.  Forming networks to advise each other on different ways to handle these challenges is the objective of the newest programs at SAMPE, a national organization dedicated to materials used in aerospace, energy and automotive fields.  While many field engineers attended, so did Ms. Kathryn Shpik, a TTU undergraduate woman engineer whose father is a SAMPE exhibitor. SAMPE members who were men also attended the workshop to learn how to enhance the work environment for their female co-workers/employees.  The panelists included women engineers at all stages of career and family development, including technical leader Dr. Debra Mielewski of Ford Plastics Research whose green engineering in automotive materials has been featured on CNN. For more info, you may coantct Dr. Stretz.

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