Why Study Engineering?

Becoming an engineer enables you to solve problems that make the world around you better. You may choose to make the environment cleaner, a workplace safer, a computer program faster, a bridge stronger, a fuel cell car less expensive, or a machine more efficient.

Your choices in engineering, grouped into the majors we offer, are limitless.

The Chemical Engineering program combines engineering with chemistry to solve problems and to find more efficient ways of producing basic chemicals, plastics, synthetic fibers, pharmaceuticals, and thousands of other products.

The Computer Science program offers two concentrations. One focusing on the design and development of software systems, and another focusing on the design, deployment, and administration of computer technology.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering program prepares engineers to make vital contributions to the solution of current issues of modern society such as pollution control, transportation, bridges, water resource development, and wastewater treatment.

The Electrical Engineering program concentrates on continued development of electrical components, devices, instruments and systems such as power generation and distribution systems in a dynamic profession.

The Manufacturing and Engineering Technology program prepares individuals for technical managerial and production supervisory type positions. The curriculum is built upon technical education and includes communication skills, humanities, physical sciences, human and industrial relations, business administration and specialized technology.

The Mechanical Engineering program emphasizes the conversion and use of energy, the design of machines, the automatic control and measurement of processes, and the evaluation of acoustical systems.

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