Winners of the 2013 Rising Renaissance Engineer Spectrum Award

The new Rising Renaissance Engineer Spectrum Awards program in the COE was established to recognize a diverse body of students across all the degree-granting departments in the College of Engineering for their initiatives and achievements in educational (projects related to course work), research (projects relevant to their discipline) and professional development activities (internship, co-op, or summer job). This unique award is inclusively for junior and senior undergraduate students from all six COE degree-granting departments, and will specifically promote underrepresented groups in the COE. This awards program complements existing awards in the college honoring faculty, staff, and alumni for their research, teaching, and service. With the Computer Science Department spearheading the effort, this project is a collaborative partnership among representatives from all COE departments.

It is the great pleasure of the Awards Committee to announce the first ever Rising Renaissance Engineer Spectrum Award winners for the 2012-2013 academic year. The committee selected two winners from each COE degree-granting department. Every winner had impressive combinations of academic, extra-curricular, research, and professional achievements, and exhibited a passion for life-long learning. They are truly Rising Renaissance Engineers. The winners, grouped by department, are as follows:

Chemical Engineering: Ms. Shauna Albritton and Mr. Douglas Martens
Civil and Environmental Engineering: Ms. Jordan Cleek and Mr. Steven Stratz
Computer Science: Mr. Stephen Garrett and Ms. Paige Nash
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Mr. Jeffery Burgess (CMPE) and Ms. Savannah Nolen (EE)
Manufacturing and Engineering Technology: Mr. Kendal Lewis and Ms. Olivia Woodlee
Mechanical Engineering: Ms. Christina Bechard and Mr. Jason Hyder