Tips for Attendees

  1. Time yourself as you practice reading your paper aloud before the conference. Your reading or presentation should average twenty minutes, not much more or much less. That way, we are able to keep the entire schedule on track without cutting speakers off or having too much down time.
  2. Arrive at the conference site at the beginning of registration so you will have time to browse through the abstracts to see which sessions you want to attend and enjoy some light breakfast foods and coffee.
  3. After you arrive, familiarize yourself with the room you will present in. Know how to find the room and where you want to stand within the room.
  4. Come planning to meet new people. Conferences are a great place to network and make those academic connections.
  5. Plan to stay for all the sessions. Each round with have a variety of literature and composition presentations, and everyone wants an audience to address.
  6. Enjoy! Conference are one of the great joys of academics; they are a time when you can share what is of interest to you and learn more about others’ research.
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