Admission for Candidacy

Admission to the Graduate School in any of the categories described previously does not imply admission to candidacy for a graduate degree. A student is formally admitted as a Candidate for his/her Ph.D. degree in Environmental Sciences based on the recommendation of the student's Graduate Advisory Committee. The student must have:

  1. Completed eighty percent of the course work in the program of study,
  2. Must have satisfactorily completed the comprehensive examination, and
  3. Must have submitted a proposed doctoral research project (research plan) which has been approved by the Graduate Advisory Committee.

It is the responsibility of the student to have their research advisor submit the proper memo to the Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies. An example memo can be found in the appendix of this handbook. Signatures of the Research Advisor, Director of Environmental Sciences, and Dean of Arts and Sciences are required before the memo can be submitted to the Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies.

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