Graduate Student Information

EVS Graduate Students Information

Sri Bharat Madireddy 2012

Mass Spectometric Analysis of Seized Clandestine Drugs, Household Counter-Top Surfaces and Wastewaters to Establish A Regional Chemical Fingerprint Datatbase

Tennessee Technological University

Amanda Crook 2012

Thiosemicarbazone and Semicarbazone Chelating Resins and Their Potential Use in Environmental Applications

Tennessee Technological University

Tyler Black 2011

"Habitat Use of Female Crayfish in Small Upland Streams and Vulnerability of Young-of-Year Crayfish to Roundup®"


Upul Deepthike 2010

Biological and Protemic Methods for Evaluation of Bioavailability and Toxicity of Organic Pollutants

Tennessee Technological University

Johnathan Davis 2010

Development of Long-Term Monitoring Protocols for Two Rare Fishes, The Tuxedo Darter and the Spotfin Chub, in Tennessee


Juan Sanez 2010

 "Influence of Dissolved Organic Matter on Potable Water Production"


Alisha Pendergrass 2010

 "Identification of Eicosanoids in Fish Tissues"


Tammy Boles 2009

 Detection and Analysis of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants in Wastewater

Tennessee Technological University

Zhonghua Li


Photocatalytic Degradation of Atrazine

Kentucky Community and Technical College

Todd Kuiken


Mercury Ari-Surface Exchange over Terrestrial Background Surfaces of the Eastern USA and its Policy Implications

Woodrow Wilson Internatioanl Center for Scholars

Samrat Saha



Vanderbilt University

Parvadha Govindaswamy Mariappan


Characterization of Novel Bacterial Pathogens of Free-Living Amoebae

East Central College

Timothy Cofer


 The Effect of Glyphosate on Lead Mobility in Soil and Extraction of Heavy Metals from Soils Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction

Tennessee Valley Authority

Preston S. Winesett


 Long-term Influence of Bridge/Culvert Reconstruction on Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Two Tennessee Ecoregions

Nashville Metro Water Services- Stormwater Division

Jeffrey L. Norman


 Microcosm Studies Simulating Pesticide Fate and Removal in Constructed Wetlands

Jack Daniel Distillery

Ben C. Rogers


 Stabilizing Electronic Components to Ensure Passage of the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure

Pro2serve Professional Services Inc.

Eric Britzke


 Use of Ultrasonic Detectors for Acoustic Identification and Study of Bat Ecology in the Eastern United States

US Army Engineers Research and Development Center

Mohamed Y. E. Abouleish


 Characterization of Humic Substances Using Chemical, Chromatographic, and Spectroscopic Techniques


Douglas A. Wymer


 Characterization of Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Communities and Their Response to Brook Trout Restoration in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

University of West Alabama

Serhiy Y. Hnatyshyn


 Analysis of Engine Exhaust Using High-Speed Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

Bristol-Myers Squibb