We are glad you have chosen to visit our program via our website. We hope that you will find it easy to navigate and
most of all; we hope you will find it informative.  It is our goal to provide an interdisciplinary program that will help
you reach your career goals. In the Environmental Sciences PhD program, we endeavor to be more than just an
academic program simply relaying information to students. Our interdisciplinary faculty teaches our graduate
students the critical thinking necessary to solve "real world" problems.

In addition, our program focuses not only on the two available concentrations (Chemistry and Biology) but also
environmental impacts on society and culture as well.  For this reason, course work in agriculture, geology and
sociology are included as core courses outside the selected concentration. This prepares graduates for the
anticipated 21st century workforce as dictated by studies conducted by NSF and NAS. That might sound like a
lot of courses, but if you have a Masters degree in either Biology or Chemistry, you can potentially complete your
coursework in as little as 25 hrs and the program in as little as three years! The Environmental Sciences PhD
degree at Tennessee Tech is a research degree requiring an orally defended dissertation.

In order to be an effective interdisciplinary scientist, it is essential to understand the impact of our human
endeavors on the environments we inhabit. This allows us the ability to design an effective means of protecting
human health and wildlife habitat in the future and it also gives us insight into a means of clean up due to the
consequences of past neglect. Here at TTU, faculty in Environmental Sciences conduct research in a diverse
array of research areas all of which, in one way or another, effect the environment in which we live and work.
The interdisciplinary nature of our program allows the goals of essentially any environmental problem to
be investigated. We hope you enjoy your visit!


Our current EVS Ph.D. students (Spring 2013)

From left to right, row 1:  Uttam Sharma, Sunil Rawal, Mieko Camp, Brianna Zuber, Jessica Murillo, Nikki Panter,
Vanaja Reddy Bodeddula, Henry Abougor
From left to right, row 2:  Keith Gibbs, Roger Applegate, Russ Skoglund, Brian Agee, John Johansen, Jake Jung
and Stephen Okine