Before you can register, you must have met with your advisor, received an advisement sheet, and determined the 5-digit Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) for your classes. Your advisor will tell you your registration time and give you your Alternate PIN (formerly known as Registration Access Code [RAC]). You can log on and register during or following your appointment time only.

To register for classes you must log in to Eagle Online and follow these steps:

  • From the TTU homepage, locate the "Current Students" drop-down menu bar in the upper-right corner. Select "Eagle Online." (Be sure to click once as you navigate through Eagle Online.)
  • Click on "Registration, Grades, ...."
  • Click on "Enter Secure Banner .... "
  • Click in the User ID: box and type in your T# and 6-digit Login PIN. Click "LOGIN."
  • For additional information see the current Graduate Catalog.

    Research Facilities

    Environmental Sciences faculty as well as teaching and research laboratories are predominantly located in The Department of Biology, The Department of Chemistry and The Center for the Management, Utilization and Protection of Water Resources. Each of these are described in more detail in a later section of this handbook.


    The University Library contains over 300,000 books, many daily U.S. and international newspapers, periodicals, government publications, maps, electronic databases, and a media center. The science librarian, located at the front desk when you enter the library, can assist you with the familiarization of these sources as well as inter-library loan. Graduate students may check out books for the entire current term.

    Residential Life (Housing)

    Tennessee Tech has 25 residence halls and a 304 unit apartment complex called Tech Village Apartments, which provide housing accommodations for enrolled students – both undergraduate and graduate. To inquire, or secure an assignment on campus, simply request an application packet by calling the Office of Residential Life at (931) 372-3414 or toll free at 1-800-255-8881. This needs to be done as soon as possible as there is usually a waiting list for the Tech Village Apartments. There are also a number of close off-campus apartments available.


    The University operates a U.S. post office that is located in the bottom floor of the Roaden University Center. Additionally, a mail box will be provided for you in either the Biology or Chemistry main office. The address is Department of Biology, TTU Box 5114, Cookeville, TN. 38505, or Department of Chemistry, TTU Box 5055, Cookeville, TN. 38505. Your mailbox should be checked regularly for general announcements, specific communications, and other important mail.


    As soon as you are registered, an email account will automatically be set up for you. There are numerous microcomputer laboratories located on campus, including one in Foster (Chemistry), one in Pennebaker (Biology), and one in Prescott (The Water Center) Hall. Instructions are posted in these labs to assist with logging on for the first time. Help Desk personnel are usually there to assist you, should a problem arise.


    Keys will be distributed on an “as needed” basis to all graduate students. These are available from the main office in the building for which you will be working. The keys are your responsibility and should never be loaned to others. Report lost keys immediately to the individual whom assigned them to you.

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