Program of Study

The organization and appointment of advisory committees to supervise graduate study for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences shall be the same (generally) as in the master's program, the only exception being that the advisory committee shall consist of at least five members of the Graduate Faculty, plus the Director of Environmental Sciences Ph.D. Program who serves as an ex officio, non-voting member. Three members shall be from the student's area of concentration, either Biology or Chemistry. Two members shall be from separate departments of the environmental science core outside the student's area of concentration. Changes in a Ph.D. advisory committee must adhere to all policies and procedures governing graduate study at the University, as contained in the Graduate Catalog and administered by the Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies. The Request for Appointment of Advisory Committee form is included in the Appendix of this Handbook.

Following selection of a research advisor and/or formation of the Graduate Advisory Committee, a student should begin forming a Program of Study. A graduate student is required to file a program of study with the Graduate School Office by the time 15 semester hours are earned. If the 15-hour deadline is not met, a hold will be put on the student's registration until it is met. If changes in an approved program of study are required or desired, a substitution form should be filed by the student with the Graduate School Office. A copy of the Substitution form and the Program of Study form is included in the appendix of this Handbook.