About the EXPW Graduate Program


Dr. Pat Jordan, Department Chair
You can earn your master's in Exercise Science, Physical Education and Wellness (MAEXPW) from an established, fully accredited university in the most flexible way possible- at home, in your office or while traveling. Tennessee Technological University's DMAEXPW is designed to fit your lifestyle without disruption of professional or personal schedules.


All coursework must be completed the same semester in which the course is taken. However, since there are no classes to attend, students select the time and place each week to read materials and work on projects. Since the emphasis of the program is to improve teaching, many of the projects are designed in a way that enables students to work toward the completion of the projects while continuing daily teaching routines.

We understand the need for teachers to have opportunities to grow and improve as professionals. This degree program is specifically designed to advance teaching skills and improve the quality of physical education programs.

This does not mean that some courses will not have exams. But for the most part, students will be evaluated based on completing projects. Project-based learning is a means by which students are able to learn through authentic work. Projects are designed so that students actually practice and demonstrate what they are learning in their coursework as they move through their daily teaching responsibilities. Students will design developmentally appropriate curricula, expand instructional skills and create accurate and thorough methods for recording the development and achievements of the youngsters being taught.

The DMAEXPW is a 30-hour online degree. The focus of the first year of the program is to analyze and improve individual teacher effectiveness. The goal for the second year is to analyze and improve your physical education program.

This online approach features course content presented in iLearn as well as readings from selected physical education textbooks and journals. Additionally, chat room sessions and e-mail discussions of current topics and issues will be used throughout the program.

Beginning with the fall semester of 2008 all students entering the Masters' Degree program in Exercise Science, Physical Education and Wellness will be required to attend an one day on-campus orientation prior to their initial semester as well as to complete the comprehensive examinations on the Tennessee Tech campus at the completion of their program.

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