Tax sheltered annuities are available to regular faculty and staff at Tennessee Technological University.

The following approved companies are currently selling tax sheltered annuities:

Tax sheltered annuities provide a retirement plan and a deferment of income tax on the amount contributed.

Christmas Savings

Any regular employee may elect to have Christmas savings deducted from his or her pay check. Several banks, savings and loan associations, and credit unions participate in this program. Deductions normally begin in November and end in October. The checks are issued by the banks directly to the participating employees.

Credit Union

Any regular employee may become a member of the Educators Credit Union, the Tennessee Teachers Credit Union, or the Fleetguard Credit Union and may participate in the payroll deduction program. Further information and forms are available in the Human Resources Office.

U.S. Government Bonds

Any regular employee may participate in the payroll savings plan. The necessary form can be obtained in the Human Resources Office.