Faculty Evaluation of Administrators

  1. Forms used in the annual evaluation of administrators shall be forwarded to eligible faculty members from the office of Institutional Research and shall be returned directly to that office. All regular faculty members are eligible to participate in the evaluation.
  2. The evaluation instrument will be a single page, machine scoreable form. The form is coded to identify the administrator and his or her administrative unit.
  3. The evaluation instrument and additional information and/or directions will be sent to eligible evaluators. A deadline for returning the forms will be included in this step. The entire evaluation process must be completed prior to the close of the Spring Semester each year.
  4. Each evaluator will be requested to complete the Administrator's Evaluation Form and return it, along with any narrative comments. Narrative comments are encouraged; however, it is suggested that they be done on a word processor to ensure anonymity. Any handwritten statements returned will be typed verbatim and made part of the overall evaluation.
  5. After the deadline for returning evaluation forms, the instruments will be separated into two groups. The machine scoreable forms will be sent to Information Technology Services for scoring. The typed or written statements will be sorted by administrator and his or her administrative unit.
  6. After the machine scoreable forms have been processed and returned to the office of Institutional Research, a statistical summary of the results will be computed. Copies of the summary and the verbatim transcript of narrative comments will then be forwarded only to the administrator being evaluated, his or her immediate supervisor, the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the President. The information could be shared with others only by specific permission of the person evaluated. (Confidentiality of the evaluation can no longer be ensured due to the Tennessee Open Records Law.)

Administrators to be evaluated annually: President, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Vice President for Information Technology, Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, Vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for University Advancement, Dean, College of Agricultural and Human Sciences, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Dean, College of Business, Dean, College of Education, Dean, College of Engineering, Dean, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Extended Programs & Regional Development, all Associate and/or Assistant Deans for the five Colleges.

[Administration and Planning January 1993. Editorial revisions by Institutional Research November 2008.]

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