Recreational and Athletic Facilities

Facilities Included in Plan

The following facilities are included and are the administrative responsibility of the office designated:

Facility Responsibility

Priorities for Use of Facilities

In general, the priorities for use of all facilities conform as closely as possible to the following:

A. For Group Use

  1. TTU Classes and Graduation Ceremonies
  2. TTU Varsity Competition and Practice (Except Memorial Gym and Intramural Fields)
  3. TTU Intramurals
  4. Other TTU University Functions, (Concerts, Tournaments, Conferences, Camps, etc.)
  5. TTU Campus Organizations
  6. Campus Affiliated Groups
  7. Non-affiliated Civic Groups
  8. Other Non-affiliated Groups

B. For Individual Use

  1. TTU Students
  2. TTU Faculty and Staff
  3. Dependents of Students, Faculty, and Staff
  4. TTU Alumni and Supporters
  5. Others