About Us

Our Operation

Beef Cattle 90 breeding females of primarily Simmental and Angus, with a few Salers

Hogs Approximately 15 sows; we sell market hogs and feeder pigs

Sheep 25 ewes flock,  primarily Suffolk

As well as livestock, the farm produces 250  tons of hay per year along with 25 acres of wheat and 130 acres of soybeans.

Our People

Cortis Jarvis, a TTU alumni, is the assistant farm manager and has 30 years with the farm.    

Amanda Houser, Assistant Farm Manager.  A graduate of TTU, has been part of the farm since January 2006.  

Besides the full time labor, TTU farm also employs 2-4 part-time student workers.  This gives many students the opportunity to gain valuable experience while in college.