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Vol. 07-08, No. 10   September 24, 2007

Profile of Students, Fall 2007
The Fall 2007 enrollment of 10,321 includes 8,060 undergraduate students and 2,261 graduate students. Among the new students are 1,661 freshmen, 755 undergraduate transfer students, and 788 graduate students. Fifty-one percent of the students are females. Approximately 8.1 percent are from racial or ethnic minority groups. Ninety-six percent are United States citizens, representing 40 states, while 363 are resident or nonresident aliens representing 66 countries. Approximately 93 percent of the students are from Tennessee. Enrollment by curricular unit and academic level is displayed in the following table:

Undergraduate Graduate Total
Agricultural & Human Sciences 832 28 860
Arts & Sciences 1,697 98 1,795
Business 1,246 238 1,484
Education 1,657 971 2,628
Engineering 1,577 146 1,723
Independent Programs 857 766 1,623
Interdisciplinary Studies 194   14   208  
8,060 2,261 10,321

Included in the Student Profile section of the web resource TECH TRENDS is information about the following topics:
Gender Enrollee Type State of Origin
Age Classification Program of Study
Racial/Ethnic Group Full-Time / Part-Time Load Program Concentration
Citizenship Status Country of Citizenship

Five university-wide student profiles (for first-time freshmen, transfer students, undergraduates, graduate students, and the entire student population) are available in the TECH TRENDS Student Profile Menu. Similar profiles for each of the TTU colleges and schools are available in the same menu:
TECH TRENDS Student Profiles Menu

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