ACG & Smart Grants


IMPORTANT NOTE: Both ACG & SMART will discontinue at the end of the 2010-11 academic year unless Congress takes action to extend and fund the programs. Given current federal aid priorities and available funding, an extension is not anticipated.

Students in 2011-12 and future years will not be funded with these or replacement funds even if they are in the middle of an ACG or SMART allocation when the funding expires.

Academic Competitiveness Grants, Section 401A of the "Higher Education Reconciliation Act of 2005" establishes a grant program for students who have concentrated in math/science or a foreign language critical to U.S. National Security.

Grants for first or second year undergraduate students are called "Academic Competitiveness Grants." Grants for third or fourth year undergraduate students are called "National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant."

Eligibility Requirements and Grant Amounts:

1st academic year undergraduate:

Recipients must:

Grant amount for 1st academic year undergraduate will be $750 per year.

2nd academic year undergraduate:

Recipients must:

Grant amount for 2nd year undergraduates will be $1300 for two semesters.

3rd or 4th academic year undergraduate:

Recipients must:

Grant amount for juniors is $4000 over 2 semesters.
Grant amount for seniors is$4000 over 2 semesters.

Additional Rules:

Additional information is kept on the the following information site.

Definition of Rigorous Programs of Study:

Because many states do not yet offer formally recognized rigorous programs of study, and to ensure that private school students, home-schooled students and students enrolled in Department of Defense overseas schools are eligible, the Secretary of Education will immediately recognize four options for eligibility. They are:

These guidelines will define rigorous secondary school programs of study for academic years 2008-09 and 2009-10 while long-term coursework guidelines are established. States that wish to identify alternative rigorous programs of study for 2009-10 have the option of submitting proposals to the Department by June 1, 2009. To identify alternative programs for 2009-10, the deadline is November 1, 2009.

List of Approved Majors at TTU
Majors that are approved with all concentrations

Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Web Design