Facilities and Activities

South Hall

While we have temporarily relocated to Foundation Hall, we invite you to read below for a description of our regular home, 2nd Floor South Hall, and to come visit us there upon our return. The renovated space will include tried-and-true student favorites such as the Euro Cafe and Study Room, just new and improved!

In the meantime, club functions and other activities will continue in Foundation Hall for the 2013-14 academic year. It's business as usual (along with plenty of fun) for the Department of Foreign Languages; come join us!


The Department of Foreign Languages is located on the second floor of South Hall, at the southeast corner of the beautiful main quadrangle. The Department has a state-of-the-art Language Learning Center with a 30-station computer lab. The Learning Center also includes a quiet Study Room with a small library and a student lounge called the Euro Café.

Our three student organizations are very active and often hold their meetings in the Euro Café or Study Room. Each fall semester, the German Club, Der Deutsche Klub, hosts Oktoberfest with delicious, home-cooked German dishes. In late October, the Spanish Club, Amigos, celebrates El Día de los Muertos. The annual Française Soirée is sponsored by the French Club, Avant Garde, and features wonderful dishes from French-speaking countries. All three clubs sponsor many other events throughout the year, including conversation hours, service projects, and special showings of foreign films.

On a daily basis, the Euro Café provides a relaxed atmosphere for students to gather between classes. It also gives students additional opportunity to practice the languages they're studying. The Study Room provides a good atmosphere for individual or group study. 

The Department of Foreign Languages is fortunate to have most of our classes, faculty offices, and quality student space all in one convenient area. We look forward to moving back "home" to a wonderfully renovated space in the not-too-distant future!