General Admission Requirements

Step 1

Applications for Admission to the Graduate School must be filed in the Office of Graduate Studies at least 4 weeks prior to the anticipated date of registration (or by the published deadline date).  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you apply online ( so that you are able to upload your supporting documents, pay your application fee, and monitor the progress on your application.  The nonrefundable application fee is payable by all students new to graduate programs at Tennessee Tech.  If you have previously been admitted as a graduate student, you would not need to pay the application fee again.

International students should submit applications at least 6 months in advance.

Applications for Readmission should be filed no later than 2 weeks prior to registration.

Step 2

All applicants for admission into the following programs must submit satisfactory official scores on the required admission test. For the specific test scores required, please see the program you are interested in under the section "Degree Programs" on our home page

CollegeOfficial Test Score Reports
College of Arts and Sciences GRE (General Test)
College of Business Administration Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the GRE General Test
College of Education, Master's and Ed.S.

Curriculum and Instruction or Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Wellness Majors: Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or GRE General Test

Educational Psychology and Counselor Education Majors:

  • Master's program: GRE General Test
  • Ed.S. program: Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or GRE General Test


College of Education, Ph.D. GRE General Test
College of Engineering, Ph.D. GRE General Test
College of Engineering, M.S. Consult specific departmental requirements
School of Environmental Studies (Ph.D., PSM)

GRE General Test

School of Interdisciplinary Studies, M.P.S.

GRE General Test

School of Interdisciplinary Studies, M.Ed

Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or GRE General Test

School of Nursing Successful completion of the NCLEX-RN licensing examination (to be verified by the School of Nursing)
All International Students Approved Tests:  TOEFL, IELTS, FLS International Language Center (Level 8 or 9, program specific), PTE Academic, ELS, TOEIC, CEFR, and SLEP and the appropriate test as required by colleges.  Please note that the majors of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Psychology and Counselor Education have limited which tests they will accept.  Please see those specific programs for the accepted tests.

For further information regarding the above-mentioned tests, please visit the following websites:


Step 3

Complete and mail 3 pdf_icon_smLetters of Recommendation (only one is required for the MBA program)

Official transcripts of all institutions attended. Official transcripts are sent directly from the institution to Tennessee Tech, not submitted by the student. International students may submit attested transcripts.

pdf_icon_smStudent Health Form : documentation of 2 doses of the MMR vaccination required, 2 doses of the Varicella (chicken pox) vaccination required.  This documentation required PRIOR to registration.  You are not required to submit this at the time of application.

Step 4

All application materials become the property of the University and will not be returned to the applicant regardless of whether admission is approved or denied.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Graduate Studies
Phone: (931) 372-3233
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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