"Incomplete" Grades

Incomplete “I” Grade (all programs)

With the approval of the instructor, a student has one calendar year or until the time of graduation, whichever comes first, to remove the “I” during which time the “I” is excluded from calculation of the student's QPA. If the “I” is not removed within the above time limits, it remains on the student's record permanently and is calculated as “F” in the student's QPA.

In extenuating circumstances, such as ill-health, a student may request an extension to the one-year policy to the Graduate School Executive Committee, and must provide detailed and documented evidence of the circumstance that necessitated the delay in removing the “I” grade. The request must be approved by the instructor, advisor, department chair, and the dean of the college/school in that order. The student's advisor or department chair must be present when the Graduate School Executive Committee deliberates the request.

An instructor who assigns an “I” grade must complete an pdf_icon_smincomplete grade report form.


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