Facts of the National Pan-Hellenic Council

Unlike other councils the National Pan-Hellenic Council includes both sororities and fraternities. All nine affiliate organizations of the council are very rich in tradition. The vocabulary that is used between all nine organizations is unique among other councils. The "language" of the NPHC sororities and fraternities can be confusing to non-members of the NPHC. Below are listed some terms that may be helpful when seeking membership into one of the four NPHC organizations currently active on Tech's campus.

  1. "Yard"= Campus. Example, Alpha Kappa Alpha is now "on the yard."
  2. "Line"= Pledge class. Example, Several aspirants may be referred to as being "on line" rather than pledging.
  3. "Cross"= Initiated. Example, At the end of the recruitment period after being evaluated by the organization the aspirant is seeking the new member then "crosses" over from a pledge to a new member.
  4. "Probate"= Official public display of initiation in the form of a step i.e. ("Probate Show"). Many organizations herald this day as a huge event where alumni, family and friends gather to watch the "Coming Out" of the new members.
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