Faculty Handbook

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Faculty Handbook
Tenure Forms
Promotion Forms
Administrative Council Procedures
Academic Council Procedures
Student Advisor Guidelines
Grade Appeals Procedures
Course Syllabus
Confidentiality of Student Records
Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act
Recreational and Athletic Facilities
Professional Organizations
Memberships and Dues for Faculty Members
Freedom of Expression
Flower and Gift Fund Regulations
Faculty Dining Room
Emeritus Faculty
Consensual Relationships
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
Overload Teaching Policy Interpretation
Conflict of Interest Policy
Outstanding Faculty Awards
Non-Instructional Faculty Assignments
Graduate Study by Faculty Members
Fulbright and Related Leaves
Faculty Evaluation of Administrators
Evaluation and Reappointment of Chairpersons
Evaluation of Instruction
Annual Faculty Evaluations/Formal Development Procedures
Educational Opportunities
Check Cashing
Adjunct/Part-time Faculty Compensation
Promotion Procedures and Forms List
Faculty Promotion
Faculty Appointments
Tenure Procedures and Forms List
Academic Tenure
Academic Freedom and Responsibility
Tenure-Track Years (chart)
Textbook Policy
Sheltered Hour
Office Hours
Library Privileges
Faculty Proficiency in Oral and Written English
Faculty Exchange
Faculty Absence and the Meeting of Classes
Adjunct Faculty
Academic Misconduct Policy
Academic Deans, Departments, Chairs and Directors
Academic Affairs Executive Council
University Standing Committees
Responding to Allegations of Misconduct in Research-Policies & Procedures
General Personnel Policy
Mission Statement of TTU
Job Descriptions of President and Other Academic Officers
Financial Exigency Procedures
Faculty Attendance at University Functions
Disability Accommodation Policy and Procedures
Definition of Faculty

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