• General medical and nursing care is provided for acute and minor medical.
  • Medical screening and referral is provided for major acute problems.
  • Health Service is now able to evaluate and treat gynecological problems. We also offer family planning services by appointments only. There is a non-cancellation fee of $10.
  • Health Services diagnoses and treats most athletic injuries. Fractures are diagnosed and referred.
  • Physical examinations are provided for class and work.
  • Procedures performed by Health Services include suturing of minor superficial lacerations, ear irrigations and staining of the eye with fluorescein dye for scratches.
  • We provide Tuberculin skin testing, Hepatitis B, Meningitis, and Tetanus/Diptheria vaccinations, which must be paid for by the student. Costs for these immunizations vary.

Immunization Requirement for admissions

  • Allergy Injections: Allergy Shots are given as ordered by the patient’s physician/allergist, ONLY when a physician or nurse practitioner is present. The physician/allergist may specify which medical professional is needed for the allergy injection. Students must have received their initial does prior to coming to Health Services for injections. See Allergy Shot- Information for specific instructions.
  • Medications: Medications commonly used by our physicians are purchased from a wholesale drug company. They are prepackaged in quantities used by our physicians and dispensed at a lower cost to the students, as compared to retail pharmacies. Patients who need less frequently used medications are given prescriptions to be filled at retail pharmacies.
  • Laboratory and Phlebotomy: We collect specimens (blood, urine, etc.) for numerous tests that are sent to contract laboratories or the state laboratory for analyzing. Due to Department of Health and Human Services’ federal regulations, only a few laboratory tests are performed on site at Student Health Services. Although most laboratory testing is ordered by Health Services personnel, students may bring orders from their private health care provider and results will be faxed to a primary car physician with student permission.
    In-house procedures include Rapid Strep and Mono testing, urinalysis, urine pregnancy testing, fingerstick blood sugar, and microscopic evaluation (when indicated).
  • Inpatient care is limited only to an observation stay of a few hours’ duration.
  • Health Education: Both the medical and nursing staffs consider education about the patient’s medical problem(s) a prime responsibility and try to make each patient’s visit an educational experience as time permits.
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