About the School

The School of Human Ecology has a rich history at Tennessee Tech. Over the years we have evolved from a School of Home Economics to the name of “Human Ecology”.

What is Human Ecology?

Human Ecology is the study of the relationship between individuals, families and communities and the environments in which they live. The field represents many content areas including: child development and family relations; child life; food, nutrition and dietetics; family and consumer sciences education; housing and design; and merchandising and design. Students learn, through theory and practice, how to provide a better quality of life for individuals throughout the life span. Students majoring in Human Ecology at TTU receive practical experience in professional settings such as practicum, field experiences, and/or internships.

Career Opportunities in Human Ecology

TTU Human Ecology graduates work in a variety of places. Some examples are:

Child Development/Family Relations:

Child Life:

Food Nutrition/Dietetics:

Family and Consumer Sciences Education:

Housing and Design:

Merchandising and Design:


A current outline of the classes Human Ecology majors take can be found by selecting the Areas of Study link. 

Student Opportunities

Human Ecology (HEC) majors have the opportunity to be involved in several HEC student clubs. Each concentration has its own student club, including the Merchandising Association and the Food, Nutrition, & Dietetics Club. Please see the Student Organizations link for more information.