Merchandising Association

 Who We Are

The Merchandising Association is an avenue to access the fashion industry. Members generally spend a weekend each year at the Atlanta Fashion Market, attending a designer fashion show and visiting showrooms and shopping centers. Local meetings include guest speakers from retail, learning about employment opportunities, and enjoying the fellowship of students with similar interests. Membership is open to anyone interested in clothing, textiles, and/or merchandising.


2013-2014 Officers                                                                                 HEME Student_Org                                                                                                                                                                                     

Lacey Givens, President

Susannah Warren, Vice President

Leigh Ann Turner, Secretary

Kate Dugan, Treasurer

Audrianna Lyles, Public Relations

Jaylen Moore, Anna Markova, Amy Dodson, Fashion Show Co-Chairs

Hailey Allen, Chloe Travis, Catherine Fitzpatrick, Fashion Me Fabulous Co-Chairs

Leslie Dunn, Teagan Montgomery, Service Chairs

Meagan Holtcamp, TTAFCS Representative

Dr. Lizabeth Mullens, Faculty Advisor


2013-2014 Meetings

January                 No Meeting

February 4th         Leslie Dunn’s Report on Paris

March 4th             Show and Tell

April 1st                 Elections