Program Goals

As a result of the fall 2010-15 SACS report, the School of Human Ecology has revised Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes.

Program Goals

I.   The School will offer the Child Life Specialist program in Fall 2011. -- Update: Completed.

     The School will expect to offer an HEC on-line Masters Degree with TTU financial support in 2013.

II.  The School will increase student enrollments by 4 percent each year through 2015.

III. The School will involve the TTU Development Office staff in building a 5-year plan for sustainability of the unit.

     The School will establish a Foundation Committee.

Student Learning Outcomes

I. Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to enter careers and advanced studies in HEC and related fields as reflected by scores equal to or higher than 70% on the TTU criterion referenced major field exam.

Assessment Methods

II. Students in each concentration will participate in service learning in their respective disciplines and receive ratings of 80% or higher as reflected by site supervisors.

Assessment Methods

(This assessment measures the supervisor/teachers perception of the student’s performance/practice in a professional setting, as well as, characteristics such asleadership, critical thinking, and professionalism including ethical behavior.)