Big Sibs Committee

This committee is comprised of Big Sibs who help incoming freshmen adjust to Tennessee Tech. Students who have completed at least one semester at Tech may become Big Sibs. Big Sibs undergo training sessions in the fall and spring, participate in SOAR sessions during the summer, and maintain active contact with Little Sibs during the fall and spring semesters.  Big Sibs are not expected to know the answers to every question, but are expected to know where to find the answers.

APPLY NOW to be a Big Sib for 2013! 

Download an application form.  Submit to the Honors Office by March 29, 2013.


Big Sib Chair / Co-Chairs sought for 2013!

The Honors Program / ASG is looking for applicants for the position of Big Sib Chair for the coming "season," which begins late in the current spring semester, and extends through the summer and into fall semester, 2013. This is a paid position, with a significant stipend. If two Big Sib Co-chairs are hired, then they would split the stipend in an equitable fashion, based on amount of time worked.

Chair / Co-Chair Duties:

The Big Sib Chair oversees and drives the recruitment of Big Sibs during spring semester, and plans and conducts the spring Big Sib training sessions, scheduled for April 6 and April 25. During the summer, the Big Sib Chair helps prepare for the summer SOAR sessions and is present for most or all of them, supervising Big Sibs working at the sessions. The Big Sib Chair makes Big-Little assignments and performs other managerial and administrative tasks as needed. At the start of fall semester, the Big Sib Chair helps plan and conduct the Big Sib fall training, scheduled for Wed., August 21, 2013, 5-9 pm. During fall semester, the Big Sib Chair serves as a resource for Big Sibs, handles any situations which arise, and tracks completion of duties by the Big Sibs.

If Co-Chairs were selected, they would share and divide these tasks in a manner compatible with each person's availability. You can get more information by contacting Mr. Clark. If you wish to apply, you can download a copy of the Big Sib Chair Application Form.

The success of the Big Sib program depends on strong and able leadership!  If you feel like this is a position that you could do well and would enjoy, please download the Big Sib Chair Application FormSubmit the completed form to the Honors Office by March 1, 2013.


Big Sibs for 2013:

Once you have been accepted as a Big Sib for 2013, you will be contacted by a Big Sib Co-chair.  You must take the Big Sib Information Quiz and obtain a PERFECT SCORE, as part of your Big Sib training.  The Big Sib Chair will provide you with a USERNAME and a PASSWORD to access the quiz.  You may take the quiz more than once, until you obtain a perfect score.  If you miss any items the first time, STUDY the suggested resources, and get the correct information, before re-taking the quiz.