The Honors Program offers small, interactive classes.  These courses are open to Honors Program students only and are available on a permit basis.  

Honors students take at least one Honors course per semester until they have finished their requirements:

I.    HONORS 1010: Introduction to Honors (1 cr)                                           

      Required during the first fall semester after entering the Honors Program. *

II.   Honors classes from at least three different disciplines (15 cr)      

      Honors sections of General Education courses or others by special arrangement.**

III. Two Honors Colloquia or approved substitution (3 cr each)                

      Unique upper-division seminars with an interdisciplinary focus.***

*     In some majors, Honors 1010  fulfills the UNIV 1020 Connections requirement.  Please consult an advisor in the major department.

**   If an Honors section of a course does not exist, students may  propose an Honors Contract.  Other offerings may include Honors sections of courses in high demand by Honors students, group contracts in a non-Honors section, and Honors credit for an AP Calculus score of 5 (submit documentation directly to the Honors Office).  

***By special approval only, one of the two required Honors Colloquia can be replaced by  an Honors Directed Study, the Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis Option, or Chemical Engineering Distinction in the Major.  Please make an appointment with Dr. Barnes if you are considering one of these options.             

pdf_icon_smTypical Course Offerings for Fall and Spring


Fall 2013 Honors Colloquia

Honors Colloquia are for Honors Program students only.  Priority is given to upper-level students who have completed most of their Honors requirements and are planning to graduate in cursu honorum.  Each colloquium is a three-credit seminar on a topic not taught at Tech; the professor proposing the colloquium must have advanced academic credentials in the topic area.  Colloquium proposals are reviewed by the Honors Council each semester.  

 Culture, Agriculture, and Mythology                                                 Dr. Michael Best

Re-Imagining Ireland: Irish Literature Without Leprechauns     Dr. Rita Barnes

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Healthcare                                   Dr. Melissa Geist