Honors Colloquia

Colloquia (pl.), Colloquium (sg.)

An Honors Colloquium is an interdisciplinary three-credit course uniquely designed by Tech faculty and proposed to the Honors Council.  Although Honors Colloquia engage students in challenging subject matter using thought-provoking approaches, they are generally accessible to intellectually curious Honors Program students from any major.  

Honors students are required to complete two Honors Colloquia (or one Colloquium and one Honors Directed Study) as part of their in cursu honorum requirements.  Students conducting research for Chemical Engineering Distinction in the Major (DITM)  may substitute DITM for one Colloquium by arrangement with the Honors Program director.

Honors Colloquia for Spring 2014

Laughing Matters: Comedy and Society     Dr. Martin Sheehan

The Sonnet: calculation+kinetics+chaos=impossible harmonies    Mr. Tom Saya

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Rhetoric and Theology of Nonviolent Social Change    Mr. Andrew Smith

Honors Colloquia for Fall 2013

Goose Beans: Culture, Agriculture, and Mythology      Dr. Michael Best, Agriculture

Medicine, Management, and the Contemporary Healthcare System      Dr. Melissa Geist, Nursing

Re-Imagining Ireland: Irish Literature Without Leprechauns     Dr. Rita Barnes, Honors 


Honors Colloquia for Spring 2013

The Brain: A Modern Perspective         Dr. Ed Lisic, Chemistry

Ancient Greek           Dr. Steven Frye, Interdisciplinary Studies


Past Colloquia