Honors Contracts

Download and print the pdf_icon_smHonors Contract Form for each class you wish to contract.

Deadline for submitting Honors Contract Proposals for Fall 2014: May 2, 2014

Can't find an honors section for the course you need?  Think creatively and make an Honors Contract.

The Honors Charter provides that a student who is unable to obtain 15 hours of Honors sections of courses in the disciplines may ask a professor in a non-Honors course to allow the student to supplement the course work under an Honors contract. (Approval will not usually be given for making an Honors contract in a non-Honors section of a course for which there is an existing Honors section.)  This means that you need to register for a regular section of the course, and then ask the professor who teaches that section if they are willing to do an Honors Contract with you.  You'll attend the section and be responsible for the project described in your Honors Contract in addition to the regular assignments.

How to do it:

1. Print out these instructions and the PDF Honors Contract Form (above).

2. Think about what about what interests you: is there a way to incorporate your special interests into the honors contract project?  If you want some ideas, make an appointment with Dr. Barnes for a brainstorming session.

3. Ask the professor who is teaching the course if you may do an Honors Contract, bringing with you the form and these instructions. 

3. With the guidance of the professor who is teaching the course, prepare a preliminary written draft of the proposed contract, including all items listed below.

4. Take the final proposal, including all items listed above, to the Honors director for approval before the announced deadline.

5. If the project is approved by the Honors Director, your name will be removed from the class roll of the non-Honors course and a special Honors section will be created in which only you can enroll. Students should ensure that they are enrolled in the proper course section (e.g., 800, 801, etc., with "Honors" in the course title) on Eagle Online.

6. Important:   By the last day of classes in the semester in which the student is taking the course, the student must turn into the Honors office ONE of the following:

This documentation will become part of the student's Honors portfolio.